Parman Farm Supply - Specializing in Livestock Oilers andcattle handling equipment.
Curtain for all Easy Way Oilers except for the Small black on the stand alone Mineral feeder.  Internet Price $40.50+shipping(keep in mind you may also need a new wick.) Mop Curtain$65.00  Curtain for Small Black Mineral Feeder. $40.50+shipping.(Not pictured) Third Pic is a wick roll that goes in the chain Scratcher. Internet price $70.50 

Wick for Cattle Saver and Small Black Mineral Feeder.Internet Price$6.00+shipping.  Second Pic: Wick for 3ft walkway. Internet Price$ $6.00+shipping. Last Pick is Wick for Mop Curtain. Internet Price$12.00+shipping.

Wick assembly for Chain Scratcher.  Internet Price$13.50+ Shipping. Second Pic: Spring for scratcher and short spring for scratcher. Internet Price$32.00+shipping Each.  Third pic is the tub.Internet Price$24.00+shipping.

First Pic:Chain Scratcher Smooth chain.Internet price$150.00+shipping. Second Pic:V-bar chain. Internet Price$175.00+shipping.Third pic:Top Bracket.Internet Price$65.00+shipping. Fourth pic:Bottom Insert. Internet Price$15.00 +shipping.Fifth pic:5 gallon Jug. Internet Price$55.00+shipping.

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